Monday, November 3, 2008

Call to action: Don't trust people to get this news from the media CNN doesn't even have it on their frontpage. They are hushing the story. Even though WE know the media is biased, others need it pointed out to them. For Example, Parade magazine this Sunday had blatant disputable facts, Who's going to tell the sheep?
Late breaking news and CNN won’t put it on their front page.
Instead it is only stories on how Palin is costing McCain the election, and McCain is losing red states.

Fox however, has the story on it’s front page – along with how the election is Obama’s to lose. I disagree, but that seems more fair and balanced to me. From Fox: Eleventh-hour audiotape surfaces of Obama telling San Francisco Chronicle the industry can go ahead and build coal fired power plants, but he'll 'bankrupt' them for it.'s Interview With the San Francisco Chronicle

Parade of course printed blatant lies in their magazine for our Sunday papers.

1. Obama choose Joe Biden after a long and carefull process/ McCain picked Palin at the Last minute after deciding Liebrman would anger pro-life delegates.
They forget all the Kaine press and Biden's promise it wasn't him. They forget that shorty after winning the nomination the McCain camp sent the vetting team to Alaska. I remember, because I was estatic and wrote McCain an email begging for Palin. They also forget McCain promised the party he would pick an unconventional pro-life candidate - that's not Lieberman - a previous VP pick - not to unconventional & not pro-life.

2. Obama will give tax cuts to 95% of working families – they don’t tell you 40% of those families don’t pay taxes – that’s wealth redistribution – or in the old days, welfare. Obama would only raise taxes on those making over 250 – I gguess they didn’t watch the infomercial it’s now 200 by Obama’s words or 150 by Joe Biden’s words and 120 by Bill Richardson’s words.

3. Obama supports abortion with restrictions. No mention of the Freedom of Choice Act and the loss of Freedom of Doctors to choose moral objections, the loss of freedom for parents who chose state laws to have notification, and the loss of freedom for the nation who chose and end to Partial Birth Abortion.


I guess they don’t want to get kicked off the plane like The Washington Times, N.Y. Post and Dallas Morning News -- three newspapers that recently endorsed John McCain. And lets call this out for what it is. Threatening the press with consequences isn't a free press. It resembles our friends Chavez and Castros actions toward their press.