Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fight FOCA

Currently Americans United for Life is circulating a petition to be given at the opening Congressional session to try to preempt President-Elect Obama’s vow to sign the Freedom of Choice Act into law—which removes most all abortion restrictions. Below is a link to the Fight FOCA website so you can sign the petition. This is not one of those silly internet petitions. This is a legitimate organization that fights for the rights of life. The site also includes the actual drafts of the Senate and House version of the FOCA.

Please take time to sign the petition and pass it on to others.

Get the facts about the Freedom of Choice Act and how it takes away Dr.'s freedom & Parent's freedom.

Please remember more African-American babies have been killed by abortion during the past 30 years than the total number of African-American deaths from all other causes combined, including AIDS, heart disease, cancer, violent crimes and accidents. See Dr. Alveda King speak against abortion at

Knowledge is power Learn the truth at the National Black Pro-life Union