Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Buy the Lie pass it on

Shut down free speech and independent thinking. Sign the petition today.

Of course Conservatives want him to fail, because Conservatives want socialism to fail in the debate of ideas in this country. But I guess it’s no longer cool to have a debate of ideas? I mean remember when we all smashed our Dixie Chick’s CD’s for speaking against Bush in a foreign country on foreign soil – We were to be ashamed of ourselves reacting that way against free speech. Or when code Pink attacked Condaleza Rice – who could go be upset over that – it was an example of democracy in action. What about when the Dems wanted the war in Iraq to fail – I believe that was called supporting our troops but not Bush because he lies and people die.

The truth about liberals:

  • The only life that is precious is the life they choose. Pakistan life not valuable, fetus not valuable, Sadam Hussein and terrorists at Gitmo valuable.
  • The only free speech that is protected is their free speech, anyone else needs to be silenced.

Tell your congressman that you will not be sidetracked into a false debate against free speech in this country so we stop focusing on how the 825 trillion – that is 62 miles of 1k dollar bills stacked 4 inches high – are going to buy off democratic unions and ACORN – 20 Points On the Democrat's $1.1 Trillion Drunken Spending Binge (Updated) Top 20 Fast Facts About the House Democrats' Trillion Dollar Spending Plan