Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I want Obama to fail

I want Obama to fail. Absolutely. I will not make apologies for it

I want Obama to fail because he is taking hard earned money away from Charitable giving. I think that idea NEEDS to fail. We work hard for our money, and I would rather give every penney of it away to Family Life Today or Insight for Living or Preists for Life then Welfare. That is what I believe and I want his decison on how I spend my money to fail.

I want Obama to fail because when did it become wrong to have an opinion in this country? People thought the war in Iraq would fail, but we were not allowed to question their patriotism. They supported the troops but not the war. Remember? I support the country but not the President, because that is what makes this country great. So yes, I want Obama’s attacks on Rush Limbaugh to fail. I want all attacks on our “free press” to fail!

I want Obama to fail because his Universal Healthcare is going to take my hard earned dollars and pay for more abortions. I want his policies to fail, because he is taking my tax dollars RIGHT NOW to pay for international abortions. Yes. I want Obama to fail, because I want life to succeed. I want Obama to fail, because I don’t want him to dictate that I pay for murder. Murder is not a choice.

WHAT THE FOCA? I want Obama to fail because he reversed President Bush’s policy that said Doctors could refuse to perform an abortion or giving abortives if it was their moral conscience. Have you read the FOCA? Obama is designing policies that will shut down every Catholic hospital in the country. Yes I want Obama’s policies to fail, because I want Catholic doctors and hospitals to thrive. On election day when I handed out FOCA information at the voting polls, a man came up to me and said you have a right to your opinion, but if doctor’s don’t like it they need to get out of medicine, because every doctor must be required to perform abortions so no girl in a small hick town is denied. YES. I WANT the belief that I don't have freedom to aspire to any career that I want in this country to absolutely fail!

I want Obama to fail because he said that “the King and the King” should be in every second grade classroom, and he wants to federalize education. I want Obama to fail, because I do not want him mandating that my 7 year old childs understands that it is okay to stand up to your parents and rebel when it comes to Gay sex. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I want that to fail BIG TIME. Get out of my bedroom? Get out of my baby’s mind!!!!!!!

I want Obama to fail because he’s all about raising our taxes while he appoints 5 people now who haven’t paid their own. Yes I always want Hypocrisy to fail.

I want Obama to fail because he wants to take away secret ballots under his "Employee Free Choice Act." Don't you love how they name things you have the free choice to vote so that the union bosses can come kick your a$$ or you have the choice to vote so they leave you alone. Secret ballots are fundamentally American, so yes I want Obama to fail.

This is off the top of my head – if you have other reasons you want Obama to fail – let me know, let’s add it on and take back our right to think for ourselves.

I want Obama to fail and there isn’t one moment I feel sorry about it. I am proud of it, because I am a proud American with an independent mind and so far thoughts, wants, desires, aren't a crime.