Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tell Congress to Vote No on Obama's Bankrupt America Budget:

Fax or call Cogress today. Tell them to Vote NO on Obama's Bankrupt America Budget!

Congress is voting on this thing immediately. I guess they want to prove to the American people that taking our money is like child’s play? They are ignoring the voice of the people. They appoint tax cheats to the highest office of the land. They spend our grandchildren’s futures and double our debt to GDP ratio (82%). Why take time to argue it out? That would just show the dubious nature of the legislation. Thank them for the stimulus that raised taxes on the poor 60 cents a per pack of cigarettes.

They may not think we’ll figure it out, but the truth will come out eventually:

  • This budget will increases net taxes by $1.35 trillion over the next 10 years.
  • The "cap-and-trade." will certainly keep us in recession this winter when we cannot afford to heat our homes. When these new costs are passed along to all of us in the form of higher prices on home energy, gasoline and food, and super inflation hits – They won’t be ale to pass the blame onto Bush.
  • They want to hurt everything good about America. They mandate volunteerism and make Americorp the 14th largest company in the US. Now they want to raise taxes on Americans when they give to a charity! When American non-profits are hurting, President Obama wants to put the nail in the coffin to end alternatives to Mother Government!
  • God bless America. You can count on them to suck you dry even when you are dead! They want to increases the Death Tax back to the devastating 45 percent rate. Don’t play that only for the rich class warfare stuff, we are remembering Reganomics quickly – and like it or not, Regan democrats knew it worked. The death tax seizes private capital (at a time we need it most) that allows American taxpayers to work. See we’re figuring out either the rich has the money or the government has it. Given those choices, I choose the rich any day. We’re willing to bet the rich are more likely to spend it on our tips, fares, goods, and everything that keeps us employed than a government who just wants to take for itself and fatten their power!!!!
  • The budget lays the foundation for socialized health care. I thought we’ve been through this with stimulus. Enough with the underhand tactics to end debate. Yes, we are finding out about the 51 vote requirement that is snuck in. We are realizing it is not enough for the Democrats to have control of the Presidency, House, & Senate. The radical lefts ideas are so unpopular they have to use every power grab necessary to end debate. How fabulously un-American!
  • The budget sets aside hundreds of billions of dollars for more Wall Street bailouts! We don’t want Government Motors! To prove it, I and my friends and family have vowed not to buy GM in the future, because the US Government is getting too big for corporate takeovers NOT to fail!

    This budget is a threat to our economic freedom. Vote NO on the Obama Bankrupt America Budget!

As a nice added extra, we included a clipart tea bag in our fax!