Friday, April 24, 2009

Thoughts on Marriage

Okay I found the new marriage ads from Hollywood stars scoffing those who define marriage traditionally:

Personally I don’t see how the ad wins friends and influences people…. It doesn’t teach it just makes fun of and mocks an opposing view.

So my friend and I were discussing this yesterday, and she came up with a sentiment that, for me, was a big Aha! Sarcasm introduced here: Marriage equality now: I am in love with my brother – why on earth would anyone refuse to allow us to live happily ever after under a marriage license?

My thoughts here: It’s something no one discusses. It’s the logical bunny trail we don’t follow anymore. Why not incestuous marriages? Why not polygamy? From what I understand, media outlets are predicting that will be the next civil rights battle. Furthermore, we are currently prosecuting polygamous sects in Utah right now. Isn’t it accurate that some Mormons and some Muslims both believe in polygamy? Why do we discriminate against those religious sects?

Look at this 1956 Time article:,9171,861908,00.html
or this 1989 NY Times article:
or this Texas 2008 article

As shown in the last article and current event news, some of those religions argue for marriage with underage girls. For example in 2008, Britain reported a crisis of 9 year old girls being forced into Muslim marriage Fox news reported on a girl who was murdered by her parents at 17 when she tried to annul her marriage from when she was 9 to a 45 year old,2933,418025,00.html And as I was doing my research I found a 2000 story of a 9 year old girl marrying a dog You see this marriage was paramount to her religious beliefs. She had to break an evil spell. Muhammad himself married his bride Aisha when she was 6 and consummated their marriage when she was 9. He was 54.

Yet we choose to discriminate against these marriages.

What about the 30 year old teachers and their 15 year old boyfriends….. I mean aren’t those boys old enough? Why is this wrong? Please know I say this as a 15 year old girl abused by a 33 year old man who was told by the state we can’t prosecute because she is of age, and he can’t be kicked out of the house, because it’s a violation of his residence rights. People spent the 90’s changing those laws… but I argue marriage law is the back door to some of this crap…...

I’m no lawyer but seriously, animal rights law is how child abuse laws came into being. From the Boston College Law Review: “Still, animal cruelty laws existed before child cruelty laws.141 The first modern animal cruelty law was enacted in New York in 1828.142 In 1866, Henry Bergh founded the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).143 Using New York’s animal cruelty statute, the ASPCA brought the first child abuse case into the New York courts, classifying the child as an “animal” deserving protection under the statute.144 Soon, these protections, both for animals and children, spread to other states…

Our first child abuse cases were tried under the premise aren’t kids afforded the same animal rights protections. Sad but true. (It’s the whole save the eagle egg but not the embryo argument) So to pretend marriage law would not be the back door to impact sexual abuse laws is na├»ve to my way of thinking. Is marriage defined by the state and the people or is it a right to all? Then how do you limit it? I think it’s a legitimate question to be debated.

Each of us may come to different answers, but it’s worth some thought.