Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Open the border for HIV patients

Obama also said the administration is working to pass an employee nondiscrimination bill and a hate crimes bill that includes protections for gays and lesbian, and he said it's committed to rescinding a ban on entry to the United States based on HIV status.


So let me get this straight, Come to the US with HIV so we can give you our new government run healthcare, BUT if you are actually a senior citizen, citizen, you just need to die and take some pain pills. After all, we all understand senior citizens are terminal by definition. However, be advised you may not take acetaminophen. Tylenol must have pissed off the government. Did they not donate to Democrats? Are the manufacturing plants in red states? Did they refuse a union? I don't know but the FDA is considering labeling Tylenol as hazardous to your health. Wait, I'm confused, then we CAN give it to our seniors in large doses. Yes we can!

Oh and no worries if you're a rich politician. You get a different standard of care, because well you are the ruling class, i.e., better than the rest of us. I mean after all, the ruling class makes hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in salary, benefits, pensions, by taxing the heck out of us blue collar & middle class schlubs. Let’s make it very clear – Washington is proving that we only exist to support them. Hence why Obamacare's HMO says "no healthcare tests for you, but I would give everything to MY family."

So the HIV immigrant gets health care, but the senior must die gracefully - I mean there's no senior born alive act for God's sake. Seniors are a drain on the system - and they are over 30. They know nothing! Have you seen their carbon emissions? Eeek! They do not contribute to our society. They do not feed the fatted calf. Let them eat acetaminophen!

God I can’t wait for government control of my medical future!!!!!!