Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keep our Eye on the Ball

I just want to argue that Obama is obfuscating and distracting, so that we will all not focus on Cap n trade and Health care. That is why the house came out against the CIA. That is why the cap n trade vote was pushed through on the Friday following Jackson’s death. No media coverage at all! And I totally believe that is why they are talking second stimulus…. Because they want to distract that average American who is trying to keep their job, pay their mortgage, raise their kids, and actually live life. You know live life - that whole notion of spending time with friends and family, being in the garden, having cookouts, going to a local soft ball game, or a picnic with your church, or the zoo this summer etc.

We need to really stay focused and KNOW that our two big battles are health care and cap n trade. Remember cap n trade passed the house already – and the Obama administration is cunning – they have not one time had something pass the house and then the senate that wasn’t finished in committee – Mark my words, Obama hates to lose.

So we are one Senate vote away from the largest tax increase in our history– and then of course there’s health care. We can’t pay for Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security so let’s just ram health care through. Pay no mind to the man behind the VA mirror – I mean who wants VA health care? We all know it is the worst of the worst. Our Government can’t even take care of our bravest who give their lives for our freedom – and they want to insure 10 million illegal immigrants with simple taxes on the evil rich. Why didn’t I think of that? I mean geez – why are we out of money with Medicare, Medicaid, & Social Security if we could have just taxed the rich? It must be Bush’s fault.

It is strategic. It is planned. They throw out trial balloons to obfuscate and distract. For example, they said, "Well we’ll tax everyone’s benefits" to purposely rile everyone so they could then say – "Oh! Well, We won’t do that. We will just tax the rich…" Obama is cunning. Start analyzing his trial balloons and you will see that his first one is almost always a broken campaign promise. He does that puposefully because he can predict the response. It's a chess game to him. He moves. We respond accordingly, and then he pulls in his next move which says, oh that’s right, we won’t do that then we'll do this. Wow! He looks honest! AND he looks like he listens to his subjects - I mean constituents right? Mean while, we are all exhausted from fighting a battle we think we won; while he sits back at his Wednesday night cocktail party knowing we once again fell for the straw man. He knows how to community organize the masses into distraction so that he can pass what he needs to as quickly as possible - fully understanding that his policies cannot be held up to scrutiny.

We have to stay focused.

"A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have." Ford.