Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Big Talker Town Hall: My Retrospective

There are good solutions

Elected opponents, constituents, business owners, and health care professionals stood in unison. Give us tort reform! Give us across state line competition! Give us co-ops! However, two elected officials said we were not representative of America. One clarified, well I mean this group not included. None of the elected officials stayed to hear the health care panel or the small business panel.

Tort Reform

Rep. Chaka Fattah lectured us that we could not say we wanted government out of our lives, when we want tort reform as well. We can't? He decides now what we're allowed to want?

Sestak declared tort reform would impoverish the poor quadriplegic boy who lost all his limbs, by only allowing him 250k in damages to survive on. I got a little cynical. According to their proposed NICE plan (see below), this kid would likely be disqualified for most nonpreventative medical care. They don't want this legislation because they care about the down trodden poor disabled. They want it because they care about the affluent, pad their pockets, trial lawyer lobby. Pat Toomey was good to point out that no one was trying to limit actual damages, potential income damages, medical damages, therapeutic damages etc….. The truth is, tort reform hopes to limit the pain and suffering damages jurys use to penalize the "evil companies," which in turn penalizes the people they employ and insure - evil bastards (sarcasm).

Evil Corporations

Progressive Joe Sestak said, he just didn’t think that across state line competition would protect us from the evil insurance companies. Translation: we need protection from free market capitalism. We don't know how to spend our own money. They take our taxes. They order their jets. They go on retreats and overseas junkets. They exist on our dollar, and think they know what is best for us. They want to tax our carbon emissions for God’s sake, and they dismissed a bill placing them on this plan as non germane.

They argued we need everyone insured, because we already pay for the uninsured. But government is presenting a false choice. They are not offering to cut that cost. They just want to transfer it to their pocketbooks. On one hand they portraty the insurance companies as evil; while on the other, they say let us be the insurance company. When in the history of anything has government ever done it better? And if history is a good indicator of anything, they want to increase that cost, since we seem to exist to fund them.

Even if we all lived in the land of candy canes and unicorns, I am thinking to myself, No I don’t want your GM. I don’t want your healthcare. Out of my cold dead hands, do I want to give you my cold hard earned cash. Yes, I am selfish: selfish for my charities, selfish for my causes, selfish for my kids! Government cannot decide how to spend my money better than me! Money talks. They know it, and they think they are entitled to what we earn. They are power hungry. If corporations are so evil, Government is the biggest corporation of them all!

My AHA! moment

When Democrats were challenged with opposition like "we read it." or "it's in the bill." They responded with, “Find it.” AHA! That is why this is 1017 pages! That is why it is 1 foot thick on printed paper! Yes, they had a copy on the desk, but even for those who have read it in its entirety, how likely are they to find the paragraph and page? Consider the sheer totality of crap that is sitting in there! Now consider they’ve only had 1 month to memorize this. I mean how quick do many of us find things in our Bible, which has been out – oh about – 2k years!


And when page numbers 425-434 were given? Someone mentioned how they discuss the numerical formulas based of Britain’s not so NICE system, the system that says citizens are mathematically disqualified for this operation, because their life isn’t worthy. More than 1 brought up how this section was written by scary Ezekial Emanuel, who believes” doctors take the “Hippocratic oath too seriously, “ we should, “withhold care from the elderly for the greater good;” and that we should not guarantee health services to the disabled. Well our wonderful proponents of this death care – did not dispute our fears, but instead said why are you complaining? The evil insurance companies deny treatment.

So to them, there is no difference between a private company saying we won’t pay for this and the actual United States Government saying it is time for you to die now. Private companies don’t deny treatment. They deny payment and we do have recourse. Have you ever tried to sue our government? You can't. There is no recourse. Worse yet, the government would actually be giving financial incentives to physicians for the refusal of treatment for our own less than perfect citizens. And we wonder why people are screaming Nazicare!

Public Option Off the Table???

I wonder. No matter what unfolds, does it erase the reality of what the progressive Democrats stand for? My rep Joe Sestak said he will not vote for any plan that does not include a public option. Even though my district opposes the plan by 70%? Even though he's running for Senate and PA opposes the plan? Even though the President's numbers have fallen to 45% approval (rivaling Truman and Nixon)? The truth is that this is about ideology and the progressives want socialism - which leads to communism *fact*. The truth is California Democrat Congresswoman Diane Watson said in a town hall, last week: we could learn from Fidel. He's one of the brightest leaders she's ever met. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rIgbwinZNI The truth is that this ideology isn't disappearing any time soon. We fight it with education - something we've left to our government for far to long.

Favorite Quote

Geno's Steak owner Joey Vento said: When I get a hole in my roof, I don't throw out the whole thing and get a new roof.