Friday, October 30, 2009

The Problem with Third Party Voting and Taking Back Our Party

Christie won his primary. I preferred Lonegan, but the people of New Jersey made their choice. Now the country is watching. Corzine has staked his re-election on being an Obama darling. Contrast this to Creigh Deeds, who is losing to conservative McDonnell (1). Two weeks before next Tuesday’s election, the Obama Administration began blaming Deed’s loss on his refusal to align with them like Corzine (2). Translation: This is all about the President. He cannot be responsible for election loss, or all those Democrats in Capital Hill will get nervous and recognize the tide has turned. The midterms are quickly approaching. But a win… a Corzine win will be his referendum. He will use it as a victory that the country still supports him. He will state eloquently that it is proof that the tea party movement is in fact very small. He will assert the votes are evidence that his supporters are the new silent majority.

If Christie wins, a very LOUD AND CLEAR message will resound across the country that even blue New Jersey is wary of Obama policies. Democrats will take note. The tea party will show solidarity, which will let politicians know that the liberal elite’s method of divide and conquer will not be so easily applied. In this election, at this moment, a third party vote will simply guarantee a green light for the policies of the most liberal leftist government we have seen. President Obama will not waste an opportunity. He will use a win as a green light for healthcare.

So, I need to take a moment and clarify how I can argue so passionately for a Christie win, when I just told the RNC, I sent the money that we earmarked for them to Hoffman. On the surface it seems like this is a contradiction, I say don't vote third party and then I support third party, but when you look a little deeper my reasoning is consistent. I support Hoffman for the very reason I support Christie. It sends a LOUD AND CLEAR message.

Dede Scozzafava did not win a primary. Unlike Christie she was not the people’s choice. She won a committee vote unanimously. I can speculate a lot about that, but this election highlights an important lesson for all conservatives. If we want to win our party back, if we want to change it back to Reagan, then we have to start at the committee. The secular progressive socialist party took control of the Democrats by winning elections, which starts with the committee. We are smart and wise to do the same. Reform the party from within. Commit to work and vote. Don’t just throw away a viable system for a third party rebellion that gave Clinton a two term Presidency.

A Hoffman vote says we do not want dem-lite, leave that to the blue dogs and southern dems – and we’ll be better for it. It says we are united to work for grassroots conservativism. It says we will be heard and we will take our party back from the hands of people like Snowe, Collins, and Benedict Arlen who gave us spendulous. It was only 5 years ago that the RNC and President Bush dictated Arlen Specter was our candidate - what would have happened if they left it to the people?

A Hoffman vote begins the take back of our party. A Christie vote begins the take back of our country. So choose carefully, because your votes next Tuesday are sending messages, and they matter. The whole nation is watching and it will influence the healthcare outcome, because it won’t just be a protest. It will be your vote!

1. Brief disclosure: McDonnell’s major fault is that he graduated from my alma mater Regent University; therefore, he is a Christian conservative worthy of being thrown to the lions in our new Rome.

2. Deeds ignored advice, White House says