Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Senate chose to table the Marriage Protection Amendment indefinitely

late on Tuesday, May 6th the Senate chose to table the Marriage Protection Amendment indefinitely.

Here's what happened: As the session opened at least twelve amendments were offered - one offered by Erie Senator Jane Earll would have again gutted the crucial civil union language from the end of the amendment another would have banned divorce in PA.

As the Senate was preparing for debate, Senate leadership was informed by House Speaker Dennis O'Brien that if the bill made it to the House, then he would assign it to the House State Government Committee where pro-homosexual chairman Babette Josephs would allow the bill to die in committee. At this report lead sponsor Senator Michael Brubaker determined to hold off the vote so that grass-roots pressure can be mounted on Speaker O'Brien and House Leadership.

That's where you come in - please pray and

1.) contact:
a.) Speaker Dennis O'Brien at 717-787-4610 and Majority Leader Bill DeWeese at 717-783-3797 and ask them to assign SB 1250 to a committee that will allow a fair debate and eventual vote before the entire House

b.) Majority Whip Keith McCall at (717) 783-1375 and ask him to encourage Speaker O�Brien to assign S.B. 1250 to a fair committee

c.) Your State Senator and ask him or her to support S.B. 1250 - the Marriage Protection Amendment - as is without amendments - it is imperative that the amendment remain unchanged. Click here for contact information. If you do not know who your State Senator is, please enter your nine-digit zip code in the upper right hand corner of the above linked page.

d.) And thank Senator Mike Brubaker for his tireless work in trying to get this amendment through the Senate. He can be reached at (717) 787-4420. Also thank Senator John Gordner for his continued leadership and efforts to get this amendment through - his number is (717) 787-8928