Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Senate Leadership Stands in the Way of Marriage Protection Amendment

Currently Senate leaders Senator Joe Scarnati and Senator Dominic Piliggi are standing in the way of allowing S.B.1250 " the Marriage Protection Amendment " from being taken off the table for a vote before the full Senate.  
Senators Mike Brubaker, John Gordner and John Eichelberger are making a valiant attempt to get this bill removed from the table for a vote, but leadership is obstructing their effort.  
1.)  Please contact these Senators:  
a.)   Senate Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati at (717) 787-7084 and e-mail at 
b.)  Senator Dominic Pileggi at (717) 787-4712 and e-mail at 
Please BOTH call and e-mail these senators and ask them to move S.B. 1250 off the table. 
2.)  Contact Senate Majority Whip Jane Orie.  As Majority Whip, her job is to �whip� up support for bills.  She has indicated she strongly supports this bill, but has not used her position to help push it forward.  Your message to her:  "Thank you for your support of S.B. 1250.  Please go to Senators Scarnati and Pileggi and ask them to take S.B. 1250 off the table for a vote."   Her number is (717) 787-6538 and her e-mail is 
3.)  Also, please contact YOUR State Senator and ask him or her to contact Senators Scarnati and Pileggi with the message:  "Please move SB1250 off the table."  If you know who your Senator is,  click here  for contact information.   If you don�t know who your Senator is, click here.